What Is The Best Time And Day To Send Emails?

Sending emails on the best day and at the best time makes a difference.
Bob James
Why Care About When We Send Emails Out?

When You Send Emails Makes a Difference

The average time spent reading brand emails, according to a Litmus email survey, and based on an analysis of 8 billion email opens, is about 10 seconds.

Time Spent Reading Brand Emails Chart

Source: Litmus

Considering the ten second read time, if you think about it, the time and day you send emails makes a big difference on when it will be opened, read and acted on.

Business owners often overlook the best time and day to send emails to customers and clients.

There are varying opinions, and circumstances, that will influence when’s best to send out emails for your business.

The statistics show however, there is a best day, and there is a best time.

You can achieve more, with your email marketing campaigns, by better understanding your audience.

As usual, better performance is achieved through regular improvement.

Make sure to test, capture data, analyse results and iterate.

What Will I Learn In This Guide? πŸ€”

  1. What’s The Best Day To Send Emails?
  2. When’s The Best Time To Send Emails?
  3. Email Statistics To Back It Up

You’ll also learn the impact of time and day on open and click-through rates.

Let’s get started 😎

Will they Open, Read & Act on an Email?

For the record: every business is different and what works best for me may not work best for everyone.

Having said that, let’s discuss some of the factors to consider when sending emails.

So, where does my email get opened?

Which Email Client Gets to Open Your Email

Source: Litmus

Should I Send Emails out on a Monday Morning?

There are reports out there that say yes, Monday morning is a good time to send your emails. A lot of emails get sent out on a Monday morning!

Collected from 20 million emails, over a 10-month period, Hubspot’s data shows the following open rates by day of the week.

Best Day of the Week for Email Open Rates

Source: Hubspot

There are, however, several conflicting opinions and reports.

These argue B2B clients and customers will be implementing business objectives and ideas they’ve been contemplating over the weekend.

On a Monday morning, they may well have many things to get on with and are, to a certain extent, not interested in your offers or invitations just right now.

Agreeing with the latter argument, I do not believe that first thing on a Monday is the best time to send emails or maximise your email’s potential.

Remember, we want our emails to be opened, read and acted on.

Ask yourself, do they have the time to open, read, and act on my email?

How about Sending Emails on a Friday?

As with Monday morning, Friday, in general, may not be the best time to send your business marketing emails..

Your clients are likely to be wrapping up their business week.

If your email does get opened and read, lucky you, we can expect your call to action to be forgotten over the weekend.

What time do emails get opened by time and day of week

Source: Intercom

Should I be Sending Emails over the Weekend?

If you want your business email messages to be opened and read, don’t send them on Saturdays or Sundays.

These are typically days for rest and family time. An email is likely the last thing people want to consider.

Your audience might not see your message at all, and it would be as if you didn’t send it at all.

I think, for B2B at least, stick to workdays when sending emails.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Send an Email?

Ok, so, we’ve narrowed down the best days, in my opinion, to send your emails. Tuesday and Wednesday.

I prefer Tuesday.

One, because of the high open rate on a Tuesday. Two, you have the rest of the working week to follow up.

What’s the Best Time of Day to Send an Email?

Best Time of Day for Email Open Rates

Source: Optinmonster

Should your email be sitting in the inbox of your clients and customers first thing?

I’m betting not, for the same reasons as why Monday is not the best time for your message to be seen and opened.

Your target audience is likely to be busy with other matters. Lunchtime is also to be avoided, people are not likely to be at their computer.

Researching from various sources, and looking at the data provided above, I’d say 10-11am is a good time for B2B emails!

Best Time & Day to Send Emails:
The Final Word

Considering all the articles and statistics, its not an exact answer. However, I’m going to go with, the best time to send emails is:

  • 10am to 11am

And, the best day to send emails is:

  • Tuesday

Please remember that every business will have impacting factors on the opportune time to send emails.

I might just add first thing Monday morning to my list too. You know, for the go getters.

The only real way to know your best time is to get stuck in and start Email Marketing.

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