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Fuel your company's high-performance worldwide services

Internet Infrastructure Services

Running an Internet-facing business is now the defacto need for companies. More of us are working from home and co-working spaces. Business network infrastructure is a critical component of running a high-performance operation.

Internet Infrastructure Services

Looking for a professional business network partner?

Business Internet Infrastructure

High performance content delivery and worldwide infrastructure.

We power our clients internet facing business with our dedicated internet infrastructure. Orebix Internet Information Services can look after your internet presence from domain name registrations, management and content deliery networks to security solutions, performance testing and PCI compliance testing.

Let’s Discuss your Business Internet Infrastructure

Firstly we need to discuss your business objectives and scope of services required. As an example, businesses targets an audience locally may not need worldwide content delivery networks, where as global operations will need mirror services in key locations across the globe.

We power your internet business systems, but what powers the internet?

What is the Internet’s Infrastructure? The Internet was designed to be a decentralised network of computers that continued to provide communications infrastructures even if, any part or node of, that ‘web’ of computers was rendered offline for whatever reason.

Initially developed for communications security and reliability, so to decentralise any central weak point, that would not disrupt overall communications abilities. This was before the Worldwide Web and a time when we used numbers to connect nodes, not yet could we use an address like, but instead.

Enter a scientist wanting to make sharing of data easier. TimBL, whilst at a Physics lab, in Geneva, the centre for European nuclear research, wrote the first web client and server in 1990 on the NeXT computer system.

A Sidenote in Internet Computing History

Unrelated, but interesting, the NeXT computer operating system became the basis of MacOS once Steve Jobs re-emerged back with Apple computers.

This was because Apple purchased NeXT in 1997 for $429 million (equivalent to $683 million in 2019), and 1.5 million shares of Apple stock. Its even in your Apple iPhone, Watch and TV today!

Anyway, we could now write simple markup language to share data between computer clients and servers. The World Wide Web, a baby, was born. We use decendants of the same www internet today, but, for so much more too.

So what is Internet Infrastructure?

The key points, explaining the Internets Infrastructure, are the Client, Server and Node parts. To access a service like a website a Client and Server is required. The Client is your web browser and the server is typically managed by a third party. When we say we power your business internet infrastucture we mean, we power our section of the Internets Servers and Addresses.

Sidenote: Not all internet services use a central server and some services are 100% peer to peer (node to node).

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