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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is the best way to get better search rankings for your business? Many website owners and SEO specialists focus on link-building for more prominent search engine results; however, technical factors such as page speed matter.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Are you looking for more exposure on search engine results pages?

Want to get more traffic to your website?

Execute targeted search marketing strategies for better SERPs.

How do I get my business better results on Search Engines? How do I get to the top of Google searches for my products and services? Together with, and as a part of your overall, Digital Marketing Strategy, this method can boost your online presence. Let’s talk about SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO can help you achieve better search results

We specialise in all aspects of search engine marketing inc. SEO. If you are looking to start SEO for a new business or build on an existing website, we can help. Our SEO techniques focus on technical aspects of server and content. We aim to get the best out of your business with search engine optimisation.

The Basics of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO tags

Search engine optimisation (SEO), sometimes called natural or organic SEO, is about maximising the potential visibility of a web site on search engine results pages.

This is done by producing content and pages that will appear in an increased number of search engine results.

SEO techniques allow for search engines to better find and understand your website content. By creating better-understood content and making it more accessible will help in gaining aknowledement and authority.

Furthermore, addressing technical SEO factors, including pagespeed and user experience, will promote your website to appear more prominently and more frequently in search engine results pages.

Good technical, sales and creative practices lead to more qualified visitors, more engagements, conversions and therefore more business opportunities.

Why should I use SEO for Marketing my Business?

Implementing a well defined SEO strategy will enable you to drive more targeted traffic, from SERPS (search engine results pages), to relevant site categories, blog posts and landing pages.

Search Engines can give you a much higher return on investment than other marketing methods as their audience is already qualified with an intent, searching for your product or service.

Search Engines results serve as an easier, more trusted source for people to find the content they are after. Around 77% of users choose organic search listings over paid results.

How do we implement Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO ChecklistsSEO, like PPC, starts with keyword research and competition analysis.

We apply our on-page SEO standards directly to your website pages and surrounding infrastructure. This helps ensure search engines can reach and index important pages.

We make efforts to optimise giving users a responsive experience and, also, we provide freshly written content where necessary.

Getting links pointing back to your website, link building, is an important factor in establishing your websites ranking.

There are many link building strategies to make use of. Link magnets, copywriting articles and distributing press releases should get links back naturally if done right.

How about SEO for Ecommerce?

How to Succeed with SEO for Ecommerce


There are so many Ecommerce platforms to choose from, many of which boast ‘Search Engine Friendly’ features, like SEF URLs.

However, be aware, these features alone do not make for an optimised Ecommerce site – there is work to be done!

Your biggest online competitor is most likely at the top of the search engines results for products you sell. Let’s get you in the results to get you results.

Many of the SEO related points raised remain the same, however there are extra factors you can consider…

Schema Microdata

Microdata can be embedded into your pages that detail addtional information about your business, products, services, images, and other media. Embed data about your product, including product name, price, currency, images and shipping.

These pieces of data allow search engines to better serve their customers get the information they need. This can lead to better results for you, including rich snippet’s.

Here I’ve linked a specific example containing more technical data available at

Basic On-Page SEO and Accessibility Goals

SKUs and Brands, Images and Alt Tags. Making sure your Page Titles and Product Images include these details will better serve your accessibility goals and let search engines know your products better.

From an accessibility standpoint adding Schema Microdata markup transcribing rich media like podcasts and video will help your user experience.

How can we help with your Ecommerce SEO strategy?

We are not only a just SEO services providor but with 25 years experience in sales and 20 years Online we know Ecommerce systems from the ground up. We help you manage your inventory fields, product images, Ecommerce product aggregators and conversion rate optimisation.

We initially focus on the foundation of your Ecommerce venture. Once we have these basics right a full technical SEO audit is next. A focus then on Product optimisation and Ecommerce Category optimisation.

Following these steps, we offer conversion rate optimisation, advertising strategy, analytics and rankings reports. Bottom line, we boost your Bottom line by working together on your Ecommerce SEO strategy.

Develop your Local SEO Strategy with Local SEO Marketing Services.

SEO strategy can take your business to the next level

Local urban

Search Engine Optimisation is the process and discipline of analysing your web presence and making changes that will allow search engines to better rank your business on search results pages.

Local SEO, in a similar vein, is the process of optimising your presence to be better displayed for searches made in the local area to your business.

These go hand in hand, with ranking factors from each affecting your overall expose on searches. Doing one without the other is not going to yield the results you could get by implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy.

We implement local SEO in parallel with a complete SEO audit and Speed Performance Optimisation strategy. We check existing citations for your business and collate details checking your business name, address and phone number across all major business listings directories.

We submit and manage your Local Business Listings across important directories including Yelp along with your business listings on Google, Bing and Apple Maps.

We don’t stop there as we use reputation management to get the best out of your review platforms.

Start Improving Your Business Today!

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