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Facing difficulties in migrating your data?

Data Migration Management

Are you moving from one software manufacturer to another, such as from Microsoft software to Oracle? Finding it challenging to migrate your data? Consult with a data migration specialist.

Data Migration Management

Want to get your data organised and measurable?

Improve data management

Improve data management and analysis.

When an off the shelf product does not fulfill requirements we offer a wide range of database development services to provide bespoke solutions tailored to meet clients individual needs.

Migrating systems or customer data?

Linked spreadsheets, stand alone database applications, Microsoft Access database manipulation and solution development, SQL driven web database development, CSV manipulation.

SQL, ASP, Access, Visual Basic and Delphi off line applications. Internet based applications using ASP, PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic and Delphi.

"We know we have data, its just not there in the right format or available for the applications we need it for."

We work on a consultancy basis to recommend further action to remedy this situation. In the past we have converted data across different system platforms (Atari, IBM, Apple, Linux, Microsoft) and migrated across software manufacturers and database platforms like SQL to Access and bespoke business application data to web based applications. We provide data migration and conversion services knowing that data is both important, confidential and integral to business. Implementing a software system can be a daunting task, we are able to help manage pilot systems alongside existing networks and software to minimize systems downtime. We specialise in manipulating product databases in CSV format across platforms into web based applications. Also customer data migration and manipulation.

Start Improving Your Business Today!

If you are looking for full service then we are ready to move forward with your project today. Should additional discovery and planning be required then we are ready to get started on that now too.

Digital Agency Careers

We are looking for new talent to support our business.

We are always learning and adapting as our industry runs pretty fast and is ever-evolving. We support remote workers and are open to candidates globally to support our operations based in Stockport, England. Take a look at the position requirements. Careers