Working Together

Our Process and . . .

Working Together with You

Our process begins with and is structured around you and your business marketing, systems and advertising needs. Firstly getting to know you and your business is important for us to establish and ensure a good working knowledge of your business and as an initial benchmark moving forward.

How do we Work with your Business?

We listen to your ideas, offer our advice and experience putting forward our business recommendations. Our plans and ideas for your business are set out, in a proposal, along with our implementation path, timescales and charges.

Five steps we take providing our digital business services



First, there is a need to understand your company processes and procedures, the discovery. We discuss and understand your current business procedures to gain a full understanding of your business operations.


Analysis and Planning

Following discovery we then analyse to identify key areas for your business digital solutions. We will recommend business systems in our digital services proposal to complement your business.



Centralising your business development, sales, support and marketing will help your business to fully contain the data accrued, understand, act on and appropriately move forward to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.


Maintenance and Testing

Completing a checklist of process testing and maintenance is an important part of the development lifecycle. We run comprehensive security penetration, user experience along with our standard functionality testing.


Advertising and Promotion

At our core, we offer our internet infrastructure, data analysis and web technologies.

We have built upon this foundation to be able to offer and support our main business services of marketing, advertising, communications and reputation management, including Search Engine Optimisation.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Source: Oracle NetSuite

What Digital Business Internet Services Do We Offer?

Our digital business services are very much like traditional business services with Customer Management, Telephony, Sales, Marketing and Advertising in mind.

We provide a wide range of modern business services for all manner business sectors and encompassing a plethora of web technologies.

We offer a full-service from Internet marketing consultants to distribution and technology provider.

Just starting out?
Want to find out more about Internet Marketing, including SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing? Read our comprehensive guide to Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant.

If you want to take control of your Internet presence and dominate your sector you are in the right place.

A typical client will require web services including server management, website management and marketing, including email marketing services and search engine optimisation. We are a full-service digital agency and would love to get to know you and your business.

How do we help get your business moving forward?

Our proposal will bring together the best of our business experience and extend the best of your business forming the initial plan. Ensuring the bigger picture and business visions are achieved we continually review, adjust and amend our work to suit you. We believe it is important to make sure we are consistently moving forward with improvements to technologies and best practices.

Working together and business collaboration.

Rest assured we will be there at each step of the way. We take pride in our business, which is helping your business, and know success depends on working with you and your team – communications, telephone calls and meetings are a high priority for us.

If you are looking for a new perspective and an individually tailored plan for your business then please get in touch on 01625 838 459 or by using the details on our contact page. Thank you.

Start Improving Your Business Today!

If you are looking for full service then we are ready to move forward with your project today. Should additional discovery and planning be required then we are ready to get started on that now too.